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About The Ponder

Welcome to The Ponder!

I'm Shonda Ponder. (Yes, that is my real, maiden name). This website is the doorway to everything I am a part of on line, and it may offer insights as to what I am a part of OFF line, as well. 

You will see links here to resources, sources, news, shopping, entertainment, and a lot of other things that I personally use as I go about my daily business, as well as my affiliate links and business information. 

You may also see my opinion occasionally. 

But, for the most part, this site is my home on the internet, and I invite you to come in, have a seat, and join me as I grow in faith and freedom!


If I post something newsworthy on here, it is because I have verified its authenticity. I have done the fact checks. I have done the research. I have read the opinions and I know the difference and I have my own. 


The owner of this website does not necessarily support any person, group or organization posted here. We do not necessarily agree with the point of view of the advertisers we are affiliated with. 

The owner of this website makes a commission off advertisers by providing a link to their website. We ONLY make money if an item is bought and paid for after clicking on that link. 

The owner of this website makes commission when Google Adsense ads are clicked on, as well. 

The owner of this website ALSO makes money when someone signs up to become a member of any site we provide the link to. 

Privacy Statement

The owner of this website does not share any information we ask for on this website. We do not sell the information. We do not offer the information in exchange for anything. 

The owner of this website is not responsible for the information you may give to anyone that we are linked to or affiliated with. When you leave our website ( our liability and responsibility for any information you may give us ends. 

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