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The Ponder believes in getting our news straight from the horse's mouth...or behind...or however you want to perceive it. Our news comes from press releases we get from various people, groups and organizations about the current political happenings of the day. 

We don't tell you how to think like most news organizations will try to do. Our press releases come from both sides of the aisle. Each person, group or organization believes they are right. It's up to you to decide who is right from the information they provide. 


The Ponder does not necessarily support any person, group or organization posted here. We do not necessarily agree with the point of view of the advertisers we are affiliated with. 

The Ponder makes a commission off advertisers by providing a link to their website. We ONLY make money if an item is bought and paid for after clicking on that link. 

The Ponder makes commission when Google Adsense ads are clicked on, as well. 

The Ponder ALSO makes money when someone signs up to become a member of any site we provide the link to. 

Privacy Statement

The Ponder does not share any information we ask for on this website. We do not sell the information. We do not offer the information in exchange for anything. 

The Ponder is not responsible for the information you may give to anyone that we are linked to or affiliated with. When you leave our website (thepondernews.com) our liability and responsibility for any information you may give us ends. 

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