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About Shonda Ponder

I love God, dogs, (and cats, if I raise them) babies, and movies that make me cry, jump, or hide my eyes. (My oldest son stated once that I was more entertaining to watch than the movie).


I never wanted to be a mother, but I thank God that I became one. However, I wouldn't wish it on anyone in today's world. 


I love to eat good southern home-cooked meals.


I love to cook, but hate to clean.


I clean just enough not to be nasty, until I get tired of looking at clutter and then I go on a cleaning rampage.


I like things that keep my mind occupied doing something constructive all the time.


If I don’t have anything constructive to do, I get bored out of my mind and I get really grouchy. I don’t consider cleaning house or doing any other kind of chores constructive. It is tedious, rather, and I can always think of a hundred other things that I could be doing that really matters.


And, I don’t like living with someone who gripes at me about the fact that the house looks cluttered or telling me what I need to be doing all the time. I couldn’t wait to get away from my parents for that reason. What makes anyone think I won’t want to get away from them for the same reason?

Besides, my house is far from nasty. I get tired of the clutter and go on cleaning sprees before it gets that bad.


I like to read. Sometimes I get so inspired by what I read, my mind goes into many directions at once and I have to write just so I can remember what inspired me.


I have this habit of wanting to learn new things all the time. And, then, when I learn them, I want everyone else to know what I know and go on a “talking” mission, (which is my way of teaching others and trying to get them inspired by what inspires me, even though I know that others don’t get inspired by the same things in life).


My love is pure. When I love someone, it is unconditional.


I am a very forgiving person, but I practice tough love.


I know how to cover my backside when it comes to trusting people. I believe in the old addage “Prepare for the worst, but hope for the best”.


I like to give everyone the benefit of the doubt.


When the relationship becomes more give on my part and take on the other persons, I simply stop giving as much — unless it is helping the other person get their life in order. I know the difference between giving a hand-out and a hand up.


I don’t fault anyone for thinking differently than I do. But, my way has served me well, and until a better way can be proven, I will continue to think the way I do. 

I won't tell you what to believe. I will, however tell you what I believe, and why I believe it. 


I am stubborn, yet still able to change. I think about things that happen in my life a lot, and ask myself if I acted or reacted in the right way, or if it would have been better had I done differently.


I don’t depend on other people’s opinions or advice to make decisions in my life. That doesn’t mean I don’t listen. Other people give me a lot to think about after the decision is made. Sometimes I am wrong, but most of the time I am happy with the decisions I make.


I don’t believe life is about getting that big house, fancy car, or kewl clothes to show off. I am more content with getting what I need at the moment, feeling secure that I can get more if I need to, and getting and doing things to keep my mind occupied.


There were times when I had nothing, but God saw to it that I never did without anything I really needed. This is why my faith in Him is so strong now. And, it is why I am not afraid to lose everything for what I believe.


I believe in the vision that the Founding Fathers had at the beginning of our nation’s history. I believe the Second Amendment is for individuals, not government to own arms to protect themselves.


I believe we should stay out of other nation’s business as long as they are not hurting us, and when they do hurt us, we should turn them into a parking lot.


I don’t think anyone has a right to come into my home and take what they want without asking; nor should they be offended if the answer is no. I don’t like other people going through my purse, my locker, or my room. There are certain spaces in my life that I consider mine and mine alone. It is up to me whether I want to share them.


I am not selfish, but I refuse to go backwards, or do without so others may have. I don’t mind sharing what I have. But, if it is going to ruin me or make it so I cannot share again because I am too busy pulling myself out of the hole I just fell into, I won’t do it. I believe when two people are swimming and one is drowning, the other has to keep their head above water so that there’s a chance for both to survive.


The way I look at it, I spent a lifetime learning to be the person I have come to know and love when I look in the mirror. It wasn’t always that way. It took me making the decision to be the person I wanted to be, rather than accepting other people’s opinions about me.


I have been told that I couldn’t do something I wanted to do, would never be something I wanted to be, would never accomplish something I wanted to accomplish. If I listened to those people, I would never have done half of what made me the person I like today. And, for the most part, I have done everything they told me I never could’ve, would’ve, and sometimes should’ve done. In the end, the only thing I really regret is not taking more chances earlier.


I believe in living fearless and worry-free. This was not always me. This is who I have become. Even my children look at me now and wonder who I am. But, as I have always told them, “I am not perfect. I don’t know the answers to all of your questions: but I promise you, whatever I don’t know, I will help you learn how to find out.” And I have never been too proud to apologize to them for the mistakes I made when it affected their life; but I will NEVER apologize for the education that I gave them, nor will I ever stop trying to educate them.


I believe that all people are different, and each person has a different viewpoint on life, because everyone’s life is different. I believe in a person’s right to be himself or herself, and do what they believe is right in their own eyes, as long as it doesn’t affect how I choose to live my life.


Having said that, I believe that my taxes shouldn’t go towards killing unborn babies, paying benefits to illegal immigrants, or welfare for people who can but will not work under retirement age. And, when I am old enough to retire, if I am still able to work, I will continue to work, because I can make more from working than social security can pay me. Besides, I don’t like the government telling me how much I can work and how much money I am allowed to make.


I refuse to let anyone choose my friends for me. No one tells me who to talk to, who to do business with, or who to take advice from. I’m a big girl. I am perfectly capable of making my own mistakes. More importantly, when I make mistakes, I am very good at accepting responsibility for having made them.


I have learned that, as long as I focus on bettering myself, and doing what makes me happy, there is a lot less room for drama in my life. I don’t like drama, anyway. Good riddance. As a matter of fact, when there is drama, I do all I can to stay out of it. If I can’t, I do all I can to get rid of it.


I can’t stand negativity. People who just lay down and give up annoy me. I believe, and have taught my children, that with God, all things are possible. And, it has been proven time and again in my own life. Each time I am able to do what no one thinks I can, it makes me feel as if I can do anything! And, anytime I want to give up, I remember what God has already done in my life, and I keep going.


I don’t follow parties in politics, I could care less whether he calls himself a Republican or a Democrat…what I care about is will he defend and protect the Constitution of the United States and will he seek to promote laws that strengthen it and demote laws that weaken it. I also believe that voting for the lesser of two evils is still voting for evil and I won’t do it. I will vote on what I believe and if there isn’t a candidate, I will write one in. No vote is a wasted vote, and if I am going to waste my vote, it’s going to be on something I believe in.


I believe that where ever I am, it is because God allowed me to be there for a reason. I believe, for instance, that if I have a job, God put me there. Therefore, I will work that job as best I can for Him, because HE is the reason I am there. This has helped me to advance in numerous ways. This has benefited my attitude toward work, and my fellow employees. I look for opportunities to better myself, and prove myself worthy of those opportunities — no matter how hard I have to work. However, I will NEVER trade in my values or principles for a chance to move up. 


I believe Jesus is coming back soon. When, I don’t know, but I am determined to do my part to fulfill the Great Commission and produce fruit worthy of the Kingdom. Time is short. My only prayer is that I am able to endure, and that my fruits are ripe, and that I am a worthy steward of the blessings that He has given me while I am on this earth.

I have learned and experienced that God's Will, done God's Way, will never lack God's Provision. I praise God for all the blessings He has given me, and if He never sends me another one, (like the song says) I will still have to say I am blessed. 


(There’s more to come. I just don’t have time to write it down right now).

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