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Home Adventures

Shonda Ponder

Date: June 12-19, 2021

I rested on Saturday, then - on Sunday - I went back to work in Texarkana. But, the apps weren't pinging at all. I checked the Uber rider app to see how many Uber drivers were on the road, and there were SEVEN of us. WAY TOO MANY, so I worked some Door Dash and tried to work as much Spark as I could. 


Door Dash tries to run me ten miles to pick up a delivery that is going five miles away from the pick up spot, for just $2.50 in pay. 99% of the time there is no cash tip once the delivery is made, so my completion rate is suffering because I refuse to do the delivery. I will release it rather than waste my gas. In Texarkana, if the deliveries don't pay $5 or more, I won't accept them. So, my acceptance rate is suffering too. Therefore, I have brought up my rates by only working Door Dash when I am bored and have nothing better to do. I refuse to prioritize it any longer, but I keep myself activated because at times there are some good runs, and because I do get bored, and because I always keep a back-up for when the other apps are glitching or not working properly. 

Waitr is better when it comes to offering drivers their pay, but not much better -- since all of their deliveries pay in the area of $5. They do, however, offer more higher offers than Door Dash does - but they are not as busy. Either that, or they are flooded with drivers, so the offers are fewer.

Spark gives me about one run each hour, but they pay at LEAST $7/delivery, and the customers are REAL good about tipping the delivery driver. I sometimes make as much in tips as I do in pay. PLUS, they offer bonuses during certain busy times and on certain days. So, I've started prioritizing Spark. But, this last week, I guess it, too, is getting flooded with drivers. The offers are fewer and farther between. 

On Wednesday, I got bit by a dog on Quail Ridge Road off of Gun Club Road in Liberty-Eylau delivering Walmart groceries.

I love dogs, do not get me wrong, but if they have a habit of getting aggressive with strangers oh, you need to keep them penned up if you want a delivery!

Thursday, me and Becky, my son's girlfriend, went to a local food distribution place and picked up some free produce. There are six people staying in my home right now. There is no way, with the bills I have to pay, that I can keep the cupboards stocks, so I thought it was time to get some help. I am glad I did. 

We were given a bag of hand sanitizer, a BIG industrial sized bottle of Simple Green (with a refill bottle included), a bag of stockings, an industrial sized laundry detergent, 50 lbs of carrots, 50 lbs of onions, 50 lbs of Sweet Potatoes, 12 gallons of milk, 2 Watermelons and a big box of chicken - enough to last at least a week with 6 people here. Yeah, it was worth it, and yeah, I am still giving away the veggies. (I have neighbors in need, also).

On Friday, I took a trip to Shreveport after waiting nearly two hours for a Spark delivery. I made about $20 before I finally got one that carried me all the way to Fouke, Arkansas, just about. I decided, after dropping the deliveries at their destination, that I would just keep driving onward to Shreveport and test the market there. 

I am glad I did. In less than 5 hours I made over $100. Most of which was on Uber.  

Today, My sister had a fish fry at her home. I took my son and his girlfriend with me. I enjoyed the time talking to my "daughter-in-law" and my mother. I fed my grand-dog, Lilly, lots of ice cubes as she lounged on one of the chairs she had laid claim to. And, my son brought along a hammock to lounge on until it was time to eat. We had LOTS of fish!

Last night, I had a dream that I went to the doctor to get some tests runs about a discomfort I was having.

He called me on the phone to let me know I had Alzheimers.

I was devastated. I was more frightened than devastated, though. What was I going to do about it? How would I live until the end of my days? Who was going to take care of me?

If something were to happen to me right now, there is no one in my life who could take care of me. I might as well be homeless on the streets.

It's funny I never thought about things like this until now.

I guess I've been watching too many Grey's Anatomy. I finished the series. Now I'm back to catching up on Fear the Walking Dead.

If I'm ever with another man, it is going to be one who takes responsibility for his part in causing whatever pain he causes.

It is going to be with one who is not too prideful to admit when he is wrong.

It is going to be with one who does not twist the story to fit his own ends and justify his own bad behavior.

I don't expect a perfect man. I expect one who understands that he is not perfect.

Personally, I like my freedom. I have decided not to even entertain the idea -- even to the extent that I have stopped even talking to potential candidates. If I have to work hard to find one, it isn't worth having. 

Besides, if I ever decided to hook up again, I'd lose my freedom to just pick up and go because I feel like it. 

I want to see the world -- or, at least, the world around me that I can get to. I want to go to the mountains and camp out. I want to fish in a river somewhere remote. I want to get lost in a national forest and see Niagara Falls and Climb the Statue of Liberty...or see the Grand Canyon and the faces at Mount Rushmore. 

My son and his girlfriend and I are discussing a trip to North Carolina to visit Croaton (The lost colony area) on Roanoke Island. It sounds interesting. I am ready to travel. I can pay my bills on the road. 

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