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Moving Away from Facebook

Shonda Ponder

Date: June 5, 2021

I will no longer be posting my adventures and feelings on Facebook. If you are interested in me and what I am up to, you can visit my OWN web site here. Facebook is not MY website. It belongs to Facebook. Therefore, this is not my home on the internet. My Facebook page is just a room I am borrowing from Facebook. If Facebook doesn't like something I post, Facebook can kick me out of its home.

But, at MY website, NO ONE can kick me out. It's MINE. I can say what I want and do what I want and no one can throw me out. Google can say they won't include me on their search engine, but they can't stop me from posting or block my visitors from accessing my site. It's MINE.

Just like my home is mine. I let people I want in and I bar people I don't like. And everyone is welcome to visit until I have reason to not let them.

So goes my transformation into independence.

I will still post my comments, occasionally, on Facebook. I might post something now and then that I find interesting and want to share. I am still available on messenger. But, my personal stuff is going here, if I want to share it.

Welcome to my home on the internet. 

Besides, I don't want to be where I am not wanted. So, the only way you will be able to see this is if you visit me and are actually interested in what I have to say - not because I pushed it out there for you to read. 

Facebook has become a "free for all" for most of us. We "hope" someone sees us. We "hope" we remind others that we are there. We "hope" someone cares about what we say. And, it has become powerful due to the insecurities it fosters. We give Facebook the power it has. 

It's time to take it back.


I am a courier and taxi driver by trade. I came across this video today that I would like to share with you.

Personally, I have driven over 7,000 miles since January 1st of this year. I have been through 3 new tires and having my brakes replaced, and have not missed a car payment. I have only had one incident where I had to remove a passenger from my car for being disrespectful. 

I have had to buy a new phone that was better suited for what I do, and I've changed my number for the first time in 8 years. 

I work six days a week. I get up and bathe, get dressed, grab my supplies and head out the door. I take a jug of tea and a small Igloo ice chest with ice in it. I make sure I have my phone, my glasses case with my spare glasses in it and cleaning supplies -- and whatever snacks I need for the day. (This prevents me from ordering fast food too often or taking time out of my day to get something to drink). 

I have chosen Saturdays as my day off. It is the Sabbath, and my religious beliefs dictate that I take the Sabbath for rest. So, unless I am out of town, or visiting family and friends or traveling out of state for some reason, my Saturdays are spent at home in front of a computer, playing video games or updating my web site or binge-watching television episodes. (Right now it's Grey's Anatomy). 

I choose to LIVE. I look for things to do that I have never done before throughout my day. I go to the gym occasionally. I eat at new places. I visit museums and historical markers. I talk to people on the street. I pray. I listen to Christian talk radio and Christian music or Country music, depending on my mood. 

I message my friends often. 

I scroll Facebook often. 

I play the stock market. 


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