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Biden Proposed Gun Control Plan Could Hit Guns Owners With $34 Billion In Taxes
The Floridian

Date: January 30, 2020

"Possible President-Elect Joe Biden’s proposed gun control plan could cost gun owners a massive $34 billion in new taxes if implemented based on an old provision that would require individuals to register and mandate a tax fee in order for one to keep the guns and magazines they already possess."

I think we had a "Tea Party" at one point in our history. If you think that was bad, try gun control by regulation and see how far that goes. The Supreme Court is going to be full of law suits. 

I, for one, am sure glad Trump got some justices appointed during his term. 



Senator Elizabeth Warren sides with hedge funds, calls for SEC to investigate Reddit
Reclaim the Net

Date: January 30, 2020

"Senator Elizabeth Warren is demanding that the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) investigate whether the impact Reddit, online message boards, and “broader social media amplification” had on the price of GameStop stock is in violation of existing securities laws."

You can't tell people what they can and can't buy unless the product is illegal. Stocks are not illegal. 

Borrowing shares should be illegal, not buying them. 



Uber Driver Murdered by Passenger in Dallas Was Rated Top 2% of Drivers
Date: January 30, 2020

2nd one to die this year. 1st one was delivering in a nice apt complex in Dallas. Was shot in the head and left dead in the hallway, her phone and wallet stolen, food still in the bag beside her when she was found. The delivery was only paying $3.60. She was a pregnant mother of 3 trying to make extra money.


I could be working at a convenience store and get robbed. I could be held up as a Waitress, or worse, at a restaurant. I WAS robbed at gunpoint at a pizza place I worked in Houston (yes, that was scary). As a hospital cleaning lady, I could have caught a virus, as a CO I could have been attacked by inmates. I could be mowed down by a crazed gunman at church.


As a CO at Telford, I was reminded that "just walking through the doors to come to work every morning" requires courage. As a normal, every day American citizen now days, just walking out your front door to do anything requires courage.


There is danger EVERYWHERE in ANYTHING you do! But I do not let fear stop me from doing what I am called to do.


Delivering for Uber, WAITr, Postmates, Spark and Roadie:
Date: January 30, 2020

For those customers who think we should hold a conversation for our tips while we are driving to bring you your food:

Delivery Drivers are driving, not talking and texting. It is against the law to text and talk. Keep that in mind. If you want your food delivered prompt, hot and right, then you need to not worry about communication during the delivery and just put on the notes what you want us to do then sit back and watch us do it!


We will deliver with a smile and "have a great day." If we do not, THEN we have not done our job

We do not work for Uber or Door Dash or WAITr. We are independent contractors who use our time and OUR gas to bring you YOUR food. We try to do it quick, prompt, and courteous. That is where our duty begins and ends.


It is not OUR job to engage with the customer, except to say THANK YOU, ENJOY YOUR FOOD and HAVE A GREAT DAY! THAT job belongs to the Restaurant and the App's customer service.

Some customers think it is our job to make sure they got what they ordered. When the restaurants hand the bag to us, it is usually SEALED. I'm not going to open the bag, and put my dirty hands in it to move their food around to make sure that they have what they ordered. It is not our fault if they don't have everything they ordered. If they have a problem with the order, they need to call the restaurant or the delivery app's customer service.

Tipping is a thank you to us for using OUR TIME, OUR GAS, and making sure you receive your order with a smile, a thank you and a have a great day!

What can we do to help "Save our Country?"
Date: January 30, 2020

We do not stop voting regardless of how we feel about the election process. If we do, then we are not letting them know that we disaprove of their cheating.


Make them work HARDER to cheat, that is how.


Use the telephone system to call your "elected officials" and make them hear what you are saying.


Go lobby. Write letters to the editor of your local news papers. Call radio stations. DON"T STOP taking action just because you feel like elections are compromised. KEEP FIGHTING.


Boycott companies that don't support your beliefs. Fight them at the stock exchanges. Protest. March. AND PREPARE FOR ANYTHING.

Create YOUR OWN websites. Put what you think on it. Promote others on it that think like you do. Don't just depend on Social Media outlets to get the word out. Learn how to be your OWN media outlet.

Create your own podcasts.

Write and publish your own books.

Create and support your own news papers, news letter, online news services. Write Press releases. Collect email lists, snail mail addresses AND USE THEM.


Hold public meetings. Hold private house meetings. The Founders met in all the public places. The Tree of Liberty was a tree where they posted their own propaganda and notices. 

We had "Texas Best Seminars" where we brought together all of the speakers on a variety of different subjects and allowed and encouraged audience participation by answering questions and organizing. We turned it into "America's Media Alliance" and went nation-wide with it. 

Facebook and Twitter and other Social apps have destroyed everything we built. REBUILD. And, this time, don't depend on one area of operation to get your word out!

Today is the Sabbath
Hello, World!

Date: January 30, 2020

Today is the Sabbath. It is Saturday, and it is set aside for rest. 


Yes, I know I took off work yesterday, but, I don't really consider it a day off because I spent the day catching up on paperwork, and working in the stock-exchange (mainly to sell stocks so I won't get behind on my bills).

Yes, some do day-trading for money. I can't do that. I just save it, invest it, hope it grows and if it does, I have money to cushion me on those days that I have to take off work.

I could have gone to work yesterday, but it is a long drive from New Boston to Texarkana. It would have cost me $10 just to get there and back. If it was as slow as the pattern suggested it would be, I probably wouldn't have made more than $30 all day, so it just wasn't worth going to work for. 

I'll wait until Monday - when everyone gets paid. 

I watched the rest of Season 4 of Grey's Anatomy last night. And, I stayed in bed this morning until staying in bed seemed like work, because it took effort to just lay there, then I got up.


My body is reacting to not having "smoke inhalation", but a little bit of water in the morning clears that up. And, the vaping takes away the nicotine urge. My breath doesn't smell like a dirty ashtray either. I am fighting the urge to go to Walmart to pick up some meal replacement shakes, though. 

I forgot to charge my vape last night, so I had to wait until I got out of the tub this morning for my first drag of the day.  

I am REALLY looking forward to going back to work on Monday!


Armor Of God, Tri-Fold Bible Cover Organizer, Camo, Large

Camo canvas tri-fold organizer Bible cover with faux leather trim. patch debossed Armor of God. Ephesians 6:13. Front features velcro tabbed pouch and zippered pouch; leather strap with velcro closure pulls organizer open; inside features velcro tabbed pouch, 2 pen compartments, 4 card slots, ID window, slip in pocket, and zippered mesh pocket. Large size: 9.25" X 6.25" X 1.50".


Black Vampire Teeth Print Face Mask

Our washable reusable face mask is breathable and could efficiently prevent dust, which keeps you healthy, anti dust face mask, works great to keep dust, air polluted place and sandy air out of your nose and mouth and keep your face warm in cold weather, These air face dust masks are suitable for dust, pollution, ash, pollen, crafts, gardening, travel etc. Good choice to wear at home or go outside like cycling, shopping, bus, metro, hospital, other public places.

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