"Shonda always wanted to be a journalist and never found the door to private companies, so, Being the Ponder she is, she built her own door, had a set of keys made so door could open both directions, and handed the keys to the public and said come in and feel welcome and warm, for God visits often. The law protects here, and I am here to hear your demands. PROUD OF MY LITTLE GIRL

--Ronnie Ponder Sr."

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Source: God Inspires News

April 13, 2020

“In the midst of this horrible pandemic, there is hope that is found in the Word of God,” said Faith & Freedom Coalition Executive Director Timothy Head. “People are longing for comfort and clarity during these uncertain and difficult times. The Bible is the living Word of God and is the way the Lord speaks to us and gives us that comfort and clarity. It’s no surprise that in hardship we turn to our Creator and cry out to Him. But my prayer is that people will continue to seek God even after this pandemic passes because He truly is the source of life and the only one who can fulfill us. We are grateful for an administration that values the Christian faith and believes in prayer and in the Word of God.”



Bernie Sanders is endorsing Joe Biden for president. 

Source: The Hill

April 13, 2020

He can do that all he wants. AS for ME, and The Ponder, we are endorsing Donald Trump!



Rules for Safe Commerce online:

Source: Shonda Ponder Enterprises

April 13, 2020

It isn't a matter of not giving information online. It is a matter of WHO you give the information to. Just like anywhere else. How secure is their website? What steps are they taking to keep your information safe? ON AND OFFLINE!


Trump campaign files sues Wisconsin WJFW TV-12 over commercial criticizing president's coronavirus response

Source: Milwaukee Journal Sentinal

April 13, 2020

In the court documents, lawyers say the commercial contains false and dangerous statements about Trump. The documents also say the station was sent a cease and desist letter on March 25 but continued to run the ads. 



BUSTED: Nancy Pelosi Made Millions In Shady Stock Purchases After Congressional Meetings

Source: The DC Patriot

April 13, 2020

Yesterday, federal investigators launched an investigation into Senate Intelligence Chairman Richard Burr and Senator Kelly Loeffler over allegations of insider trading, but these are not the only members of Congress who cashed out after they had learned classified information. Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her husband have already made millions after making a questionable purchase of $5 million dollars in amazon stock, right before a majority of retailers in the country closed their doors.



Georgia Man Arrested for Attempting to Defraud the Department of Veterans Affairs in a Multimillion-Dollar COVID-19 Scam

Source: The Ponder News

April 13, 2020

Christopher Parris, a 39-year-old Atlanta, Georgia resident, was arrested today and charged in federal court in the District of Columbia with fraud for attempting to sell millions of nonexistent respirator masks to the Department of Veterans Affairs in exchange for large upfront payments, the Justice Department announced.




Source: White Coat Waste

April 13, 2020

As if forcing taxpayers to fund China’s “wet markets” wasn’t bad enough, we’ve now exposed that the federal government has been sending your money to a controversial animal testing lab in Wuhan, China, that may even sell animals to the wet markets for human consumption after they’ve been infected and abused.



So, having a lot of time on my hands, I was sitting here scrolling through all the information out there and I came across this video of Jimmie Fallon's #StayHomeParty where he is talking to Jon Bon Jovi about this song that he (Jon Bon Jovi) is writing called "Do what you can". Bon Jovi is actually getting his fans to write the song with him. 

I thought it was kind of kewl!

Check out what he came up with!

Days of Quarantine

Source: Shonda Ponder Enterprises

April 13, 2020

How is everyone's quarantine going?

I know one thing, I am ready for NORMAL again. I want to go out and sell my Avon! And, I want time to pass by faster at work.



The Coronavirus Is Exposing Little Tyrants All Over The Country

Source: The Federalist

April 13, 2020

There’s nothing like a crisis to bring clarity. The response of some mayors and governors to the coronavirus pandemic in recent days has made it clear they think they have unlimited and arbitrary power over their fellow citizens, that they can order them to do or not do just about anything under the guise of protecting public health.



Republicans are praising Bill Maher's rant on ‘virus shaming’


Americans should be seeing their stimulus checks arrive within the next two weeks. They have already started disbursement!

(No, I have not received mine, yet, but I keep checking!).

Check out The Ponder News blog for MORE News!

DFA praises Sanders “transformational” campaign, is “100% committed” to ensuring Biden beats Trump
Source: Democracy for America
April 8, 2020
Sen. Bernie Sanders just announced the suspension of his 2020 campaign for President. Democracy for America endorsed Sanders in 2016 and fought along his side from early in the campaign all the way to the convention. The grassroots progressive group endorsed Sanders again prior to the Super Tuesday contests following a vote of DFA members.

HEAT Members Urge Saudi Crown Prince to Restore Global Oil Market Stability
Source: U.S. Representative Jeff Duncan (R-SC, 3rd)
April 8, 2020
“The United States and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia have an important strategic partnership that ensures regional stability, counters Iran’s malign activity, and defeats terrorists that threaten our security,” the letter reads. “The United States also remains committed to maintaining the strong economic ties between our two countries. We are concerned, however, with the Kingdom’s actions to artificially distort global crude oil markets as countries around the world struggle to address a growing economic and health crisis fueled by the COVID-19 novel coronavirus pandemic.”

Marriott Bonvoy, Marriott International’s Loyalty Program, to Offer ENA Members Free Hotel Rooms
Source: Emergency Nurses Association
April 8, 2020
The initiative, which also includes members of the American College of Emergency Physicians, offers free hotel room nights to nurses and physicians in several targets cities currently in the greatest need, including New York City, Newark, Washington, D.C., Chicago, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Detroit and New Orleans. ENA and ACEP will oversee the matching of their respective members in those cities with accommodations at participating hotels.

We Need True Positives, True Negatives: Doggett and DeLauro Press FDA for Data on the Accuracy of COVID-19 Tests
Source: U.S. Representative Lloyd Doggett (D-TX, 35th)
April 9, 2020
U.S. Representative Lloyd Doggett (D-TX), Chairman of the House Ways and Means Health Subcommittee, and U.S. Representative Rosa DeLauro (D-CT), Chair of the Labor, Health and Human Services, and Education Appropriations Subcommittee, pressed the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for information regarding the precautions they have taken to assure the accuracy of COVID-19 tests, as well as for manufacturers’ data provided to the FDA on false positives and false negatives in administered tests thus far.

Davids Statement on Kansas’ Reversal of Order Limiting Mass Religious Gatherings During Coronavirus
Source: U.S Representative Sharice Davids (D-KS, 3rd)
April 9, 2020
“The decision to overturn Governor Kelly’s executive order is not only outrageous and irresponsible – it’s putting lives at risk. Rather than work to ensure the health and safety of Kansans, extremists in the state legislature have created chaos and confusion and endangered our public health.

DPA Leads Vast Coalition of Public Health Orgs & Professionals Calling on the CDC to Adopt Decarceration & Expanded Health Care Access in Guidance to Slow Spread of COVID-19
Source: Drug Policy Alliance
April 9, 2020
The letter follows troubling reports of rapidly escalating outbreaks within the country’s jails, prisons and youth and immigration detention centers. These institutions have failed to maintain control of the spread of COVID-19, reduce capacity to allow for social distancing, offer necessary hygienic supplies or personal protective equipment to ward off infection, and ultimately provide adequate access to healthcare for those who need it; the results of which have proved fatal.

Ernst Statement on Senate Democrats Blocking Funding for Small Businesses
Source: Senator Joni Ernst (R-IA)
April 9, 2020
“After hearing from Iowans and seeing the overwhelming response of small businesses across the country, it’s clear we need to bolster the Paycheck Protection Program. We don’t have time for political games; we’re in a crisis. Workers and employers in Iowa and across the country need this relief now more than ever, so let’s put aside the politics and swiftly get this specific additional support for small businesses approved so money can keep flowing, Iowa workers can continue to collect a paycheck, and our state’s small businesses can stay afloat,” said Senator Ernst.

ENA Foundation Announces COVID-19 Relief Fund
Source: Emergency Nurses Association
April 9, 2020
ENA members who need financial assistance due to personal hardship experienced as a direct result of COVID-19 may apply for a one-time individual relief grant of $599 to assist themselves and their family during this difficult time. Priority consideration will be provided to nurses serving in targeted hot spot areas.

16.8 million apply for unemployment benefits in three weeks
Source: Economic Policy Institute
April 9, 2020
Between March 15 and April 4, 16.8 million workers applied for unemployment insurance (UI), according to new Department of Labor (DOL) data. That means that in the last three weeks alone, more than one in 10 workers have applied for UI benefits. The labor market has been upended.

DelBene Secures Tax Extension for Non-profit Hospitals, Universities, Other Tax-exempt Organizations
Source: U.S. Representative Suzan Delbene (D-WA, 1st)
April 10, 2020
“The IRS made the right decision to extend the tax filing and payment deadline for tax-exempt organizations,” said DelBene. “Just like individuals and businesses, COVID-19 continues to create significant financial disruption for tax-exempt organizations, such as non-profit hospitals, and universities. Many of these organizations are on the front lines of responding to this pandemic in Washington state and around the country. They deserve relief and now will receive it.”

Delgado Statement on Removal of CARES Act Oversight Committee Head
Source: U.S. Representative Antonio Delgado (D-NY, 19th)
April 8, 2020
“Two weeks ago, a broad, bipartisan coalition voted to pass the vitally important emergency relief legislation with the inclusion of critical oversight measures to ensure the faithful stewardship of federal dollars. Removing a key government watchdog from overseeing the largest stimulus package in our nation’s history is deeply concerning and runs counter to a unified message of placing emergency relief above partisan politics. Americans need relief now, not divisive partisanship.”

What COVID-19 Means for End-of-Life Care: Experts Answer Your Questions
Source: Death with Dignity
April 10, 2020
Over the past several weeks, we have been receiving a growing number of inquiries about end-of-life care, advance directives, and other critical issues. With the help of experts, we have taken some time to answer those questions and compiled some resources. Experts come from a number of fields:

Source: U.S. Representative Peter DeFazio (D-OR, 4th)
April 10, 2020
In the letter to Michael Horowitz, the CIGIE Chair, the lawmakers write, “Unlike any President in modern history, President Trump has engaged in offensive and unjustified attacks against Inspectors General, criticizing them for following the law, and retaliating against them for telling the truth…[The president’s actions] reflect a campaign of political retaliation and reward that is antithetical to good government, undermines the proper stewardship of taxpayer dollars, and degrades the federal government’s ability to function competently.”

I've been keeping up with the progression of COVID-19 in my area of the world. Check it out!


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